Monday, 24 August 2009

Behind the scenes.. Disney!
I guess you don't think about Disney from a fashion point of view much..why would you right? But when I did actually stop to consider it whilst in Orlando FL, it made me think. Actually, Disney is incredibly active in the fashion world..look at
Stella McCartney's A/W 2009 ad campaign, Comme des Garcons Minnie Mouse ears, Luella's Minnie Mouse inspired hair, and Annie Leibovitz's Alice in Wonderland shoot (although I guess that's probably sparked from the original Lewis Carrol version..)

But of course it never occured to me, that backstage, there are people out there working away at the sewing machines to produce all those fantastic colourful costumes. Work experience perhaps? Or maybe that's just an excuse to go live in Disneyworld for a few months..

Images from my camera, monotonyofdomesticity and papermag