Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Hammer Time?

Having read a wide range of reviews about S/S 09 trends the last few months, I couldn't help but notice the slating of Harem pants. It's so easy to look ridiculous in them that everyone's scared of trying them out. But I'm sick of reading reviews that suggest they shouldn't be allowed/tried/tested out, and that they make every person under the sun look like MC Hammer. So I've found a few snaps of people that have really made them work (that are not necessarily 5'11 catwalk models as well)! Inspiring? I think so.

This image is courtesy of Hanh from her Life In Travel blog. She is wearing Forever 21 harem pants with cropped Comme Des Garçons cardigan, and looks amazing! You can read all about her travel adventures and check out her amazing wardrobe here.

Image courtesy of the Daily Express, Harem pants from Mango.

Also check out The Style Scout's blog and check back to 15th May for an amazing take on Harem pants on the high street. 

And here's a catwalk version I absolutely love:

Image from doo.ri's S/S 09 collection.

Worn with the right things (mainly a huge pair of heels, cropped jacket and a single statement piece of jewellery) they can look oh-so S/S 09. 

Worn with the wrong thing...
 you can end up looking like J.Lo...
Oh dear.


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