Saturday, 2 May 2009

Minnie..this is for you L :)

Whilst in the fashion studio the other day, I noticed a girl with a HUGE bow at the back of her hair, it practically covered her entire head. And it reminded a little bit of Minnie Mouse - who my best friend L claims will always be her style icon :) - what with the great big polka dot bow she wears on her head.

Walt Disney's Minnie Mouse

Then I heard her whistling..and gathered her inspiration had come from Lady Gaga's crazy hair bow!

Lady Gaga

I quite wanted one to wear when I was going out the other night..maybe when all these deadlines are out of the way I'll have a go at making one.


Lauren Wells said...

I love Minnie Mouse, bows, MASSIVE heels and cute little dresses...what's not to love :) love L xx