Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Be Inspired..

..reads the bottom slogan on the May 2009 issue of British Vogue. What a coincidence. I set up this blog to do just that..inspire myself. 

British Vogue May 2009

And after reading the spread about pictures that changed the perspective of designers and photographers in the industry, it made me think about pictures I had come across in the past that had made me want to go out and sew/photograph/design etc.

US Vogue: December 2003

This is my favourite fashion shot ever. It combines all my favourite things..
Galliano; my favourite designer, Vodianova; one of my favourite models, Annie Leibovitz; one of my favourite photographers, and of course, Alice In Wonderland, my all time favourite story.
I love the way Leibovitz has captured the fairytale element in each of the shots. Take a look at the rest of the shots here.

Vogue Feature: The Last Waltz (Left: Nicholas Ghesquière for Balenciaga)

I came across this when researching peplums on style.com a while back. There's just something about that outfit that I absolutely loved. Funnily enough, it was around the time I was attending the Versace lecture, and with a dilemma of what to wear, I cut up an old cream summer jacket, and added a stiff peplum to the bottom of it, chucked on some grey cigarette pants, and waltzed out of the door..


FashionFoodFatale said...

I too am uttelry addicted to Alice in Wonderland. This is truly an extraordinary image. Inspiring indeed. Long live Alice.. and Annie!